The Healing Power of Song – Roxanna

We are but a vessel of God’s love for each other.  There are those who are blessed with an inherent ability to communicate the healing power of song. An artist who truly embraces that calling is singer/songwriter, Roxanna.

“I believe music can heal. I believe music can soothe. I believe music is the language of the heart and soul. I believe you can spin tragedy into beauty.”

It was while studying to be a nurse that singer/songwriter Roxanna witnessed first hand the healing power of song. Sitting bedside with a patient suffering from dementia, she sang gently to the elderly woman, who was no longer swallowing. “She looked into my eyes and for the first time, I saw her smile. And she began to eat,” Roxanna says. “The doctors were amazed.” Close Your Eyes Roxanna has recorded a song for others in need of the comfort of prayer. It is titled, “Close Your Eyes”, written by Lindy Robbins and Mark Portman. Close Your Eyes is available on iTunes: Roxanna will be releasing her full length début album, “Exotica” on April 29th, 2014 on her own label, Roxart, Inc. exotica Stay tuned to the Music of Our Heart as more exciting details emerge about Roxanna’s soon to be available recording.

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