The Dust and Grooves Book

Record Store Day

Record Store Day 2014 is a scant two weeks away. The hunt for vinyl treasures will commence once again. Record Store Day 2014 looms as the largest event yet! Record Store Day announced its complete slate of 2014 releases , all 438 of them (with even more surfacing right until that day). I am ambivalent about the future of Record Store Days. My music purchasing and listening habits will alter later this year when the PonoMusic player arrives in October. I will begin purchasing high-resolution audio recordings at prices that will range from $14.99 to $24.99. Whereas both new vinyl (180 to 220 grade) and Record Store Day limited edition “collectibles” have begun ranging in price from $20-$45 for vinyl lps. (It wasn’t that long ago that new vinyl was $10 and don’t give us that bullshit party line that it costs sooo much to start up a vinyl pressing plant (that was dormant and waiting to begin with…) The record companies are screwing the pooch by gouging the record buying public and the record store owners for fatter profit margins. Avaricious profiteering will kill the Record Store Day “golden goose”. I urge you to read these constructive articles about the “destructive” pricing for the two biggest retail days of the year for vinyl record sales.

The articles focus on the record stores and the record labels. They fail to discuss the record store day “collector”‘point of view. That’s a major miss when it comes to who is the customer?

The Dust and Grooves Book

Have no fear the definitive coffee table book about record collectors in their native habitat will be available on Record Store Day April 19, 2014. Dust & Grooves, Adventures In Record Collecting by Eilon Paz is the Official Book of Record Store Day 2014.

DUST & GROOVES: ADVENTURES IN RECORD COLLECTING will be available at select U.S. record stores on Record Store Day, April 19 (The official release date is May 20) and you can learn even more at the blog that started it all,

“In just four short years, Eilon Paz has managed to chronicle the impressive stashes of over 30 collectors around the world, from his own backyard in Brooklyn, to faraway destinations such as Ghana and Istanbul. Not bad for a project that started out of unemployment-derived boredom … No matter the size, Paz believes that showing collections is important, as it gives weight to the idea that there’s something worthwhile and meaningful about a physical record collection that’s lost in today’s digital world.” – GOLDMINE MAGAZINE

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2 Replies to “The Dust and Grooves Book”

  1. Ah, my friend with you it is always 1 step forward 2 steps back. It isn’t that your points aren’t valid, I do agree that it would be a shame to taint this bright spot in keeping stores and physical product alive.

    At least for people like you and I. What I object to is the timing. We’re too close to the event to make changes, so it just ends up casting a shadow and possibly keeping people away. My opinion, for whatever it’s worth would be to have posted this after the event. Then perhaps even people like myself would have echoed your point of view.


    Will Buckley Sent from my iPhone



    1. Will,

      I readily admit to being a contrarian. You were right to call me on that Sir 😉

      I highly doubt my blog post will dampen enthusiasm. It was just an observation and a buyer beware. I plan to shop that day and on Record Store Day Black Friday as well.

      Didn’t Sy Syms say? “An educated consumer is my best customer”

      I do apologize as it was never my intent to affect your livelihood.

      Vinyl fanatics will still have troves of purchases under their arm on Record Store Day. The cash register will sing that day.


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