Santana Corazon Album Pack Preorder (Includes Special T-Shirt)

The Santana Corazon Album Pack preorder includes the new album “Corazon” and the album cover t-shirt.

Here is the song and artist listing for Santana’s first Spanish album,  Corazon due to be available May 6th.

1. Saideira (Spanish version) which features Samuel Rosa

2. La Flaca featuring Juanes

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3. Mal Bicho will feature Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

4. Oye 2014 featuring Pitbull

5. Iron Lion Zion which features Ziggy Marley and ChocQuibTown

6. Una Noche En Nápoles featuring Lila Downs, Niña Pastori & Soledad

7. Besos De Lejos will feature Gloria Estefan

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8. Margarita featuring Romeo Santos

9. Indy which features Miguel

10. Feel It Coming Back features Diego Torres

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11. Yo Soy La Luz will feature Wayne Shorter & Cindy Blackman Santana

12. I See Your Face


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3 Replies to “Santana Corazon Album Pack Preorder (Includes Special T-Shirt)”

    1. I’m guessing they will have a shirt for that tour 😉 I’ll let you know after I see them at Mohegan Sun.

      I like the shirt, the colors are bright and the design is mad wild. I love the Corazon album cover even more.

      I’m hoping to get an early copy next month 😉

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