I’m An Active Member Of The PonoMusic Trusted 10,000

Pono translates from Hawaiian to mean righteous, and the intent is to honor recorded music and get it into the hands of fans without compromising the sound.

I am proud to be involved as a PonoMusic player early adopter. In quick fashion (7+ days) the PonoMusic player has reached the first project milestone of 10,000 units sold. Now to some people that amount is construed as minor in the Internet of Things which will encompass a trillion connected devices and appliances by 2040.

Quite the contrary, Pono is a major achievement in music industry circles. I see a direct correlation between how Microsoft has cultivated a trusted set of 10,000 beta testers to test their products and how the initial Pono community of 10,000 quality music lovers are will feel, share and give feedback.

I now have an active participant role as an early adopter of Pono. I am in the vanguard of perpetual change helping to influence how music will be embraced and felt in the soul of the new machine.

Let Neil Young the inventor of Pono explain why he wants you to truly hear music.


We are liberated from the entrapment of lossy MP3. Bye bye 5% of the sound, hello 100% high-resolution audio direct from the artists master recording to the expressway of your soul. When it comes to Pono Music we are truly Rockin In The Free World!

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