Here Come The Nice, The Immediate Years – The Small Faces

I’ve been viewing the ultimate collection box set, Here Come The Nice, The Immediate Years 1967-1969 from The Small Faces. Box sets always fascinate me from on a content, design and merchandise basis. The purpose of this limited edition (3,000 signed copies) is to commemorate the Small Faces recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

My reaction to the Small Faces box set was positive as I watched Kenny Jones breakdown the merchandising elements I felt compelled to buy one of these sets, (Amazon U.S. $152.90).

• 4 CDs – 75 songs remastered from original tapes
• 72-page hardback book, lavishly illustrated
• 3 rare singles in red, white & blue vinyl
• Olympic Studios 7-inch replica acetate
• 64-page softcover illustrated lyric book
• 5 postcards with rare photos & artwork
Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake facsimile press kit
• 2 large-size reproduction posters
• 2 exclusive Gered Mankowitz fine art prints

Personally signed by Kenney Jones & Ian McLagan – limited to only 3,000 copies worldwide!

“It’s all so beautiful”

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3 Replies to “Here Come The Nice, The Immediate Years – The Small Faces”

  1. That’s pretty pricey, but an important strategy so everybody does end up streaming, eventually eliminating physical copies. I know you’re a collector and must have 5 Guys Walk into a Bar. Superb later era collection with Rod Stewart.


  2. The Small Faces are one of those groups whose music and personal appeal has really stood the test of time. I recently bought the 2-Cd “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake” and then found a S.F. best-of comp at a thrift store. Don’t think I can splurge on this set but Kenney sure made it tempting!


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