The Animated Picture Disc – Plastic Infinite by Sculpture

The next dimension of the picture disc has been achieved. Embrace and feel the sensory titillation of Plastic Infinite from the Opto-musical agglomerate known as Sculpture. It will envelop you in an audio/visual immersive experience. In the day we would say about an experience like this, “Let’s go trip out to the Plastic Infinite” 😉

The preferred listening+ method is to witness the engineered result of Plastic Infinite as follows.  You will have to play the 7″ EP on your turntable and view with either a strobe @25 flashes per second or a video camera @25fps, very high shutter speed, progressive.

I presently don’t have these options at my disposal but I believe my son can help me here so I will get with him when we have a copy of the second pressing as their first pressing of Plastic Infinite has sold out!

Thankfully Sculpture has made a music video of Plastic Infinite. I have watched it in jaw dropping wonder several times now. I love the Numark turntable it’s playing upon, I want that for my audio system. Hey Now!

Sculpture the Opto-musical agglomerate is Dan Hayhurst: (media devices, electronic instruments) and Reuben Sutherland: (video zoetrope turntable, animation, optix).

Their technique uses zoetrope.

A zoetrope is a drum shaped optical toy that makes a series of drawings appear to move. The drum sits on a stand upon which it can be spun. Its sides are pierced with a regular pattern of slits. The drawings, the number of which corresponds to the number of slits, are printed onto a strip of paper which is placed inside the drum. These drawings differ only slightly from one another and follow a logical sequence.

The drum is spun and the viewer watches the images through the slits where they appear to move. The zoetrope is an optical toy that can be enjoyed by several people at the same time.

It was invented by W. G. Horner in 1834, and later developed by Milton Bradley who patented it in the USA in 1867.

See more at:

So much attention is being focused on the Plastic Infinite recording which is Side A, we are overlooking Slot Hum on Side B. Give it an audio spin

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