Carlos Santana, Mesa Boogie, Limited Edition King Snake

The number one guitarist that I have seen live, 20 times now in 44 years is Carlos Santana. What I love the most about Carlos Santana live is his tone, how he touches the music of our heart. I thought it might be valuable to share with my readers some technical insight about the amplifiers Carlos Santana plays through to produce that “Universal Tone”. It’s the vibrato that keeps me coming back to his live shows again and again.

Carlos Santana signature sound is made possible by the Mesa Boogie, King Snake.

This tribute model is an exact replica of the amp Carlos Santana toured with in 1972/73 as he introduced the world to this new sound, right down to the unique chassis size and the aged Snake-embossed Lambskin covering. It is a limited edition signature model.

Here is Carlos Santana’s guitar tech Ed Adair giving us a rig run.

You can read more about Carlos Santana & Randall Smith and the “Magic Boogie” that changed guitar tone forever in the January 2014 Guitar Player Magazine. Its available on newsstands and Guitar Center stores 🙂


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