Neil Young: The Ultimate Music Guide & Live At The Cellar Door

Uncut Magazine has proven a reliable source for Neil Young information. The publisher delivers a focused publication, The Ultimate Music Guide dedicated to a single artist or group. The publication proves invaluable by provisioning a comprehensive reference.

The Uncut Magazine, Neil Young: The Ultimate Music Guide is due to be released at the end of this week. It will take extra time to reach American magazine stands. John Mulvey writes about the challenges a prolific Neil Young poses when attempting to put together a comprehensive music guide about his artistic contributions.

Neil Young’s issuance of the Archives Performance Series release, “Volume 02.5: Live At The Cellar Door” created a challenge to tying off the Neil Young: The Ultimate Music Guide. Suffice it to say that is where John Mulvey’s Uncut Blog, “Wild Mercury Sound” allows the flexibility of real time updates about Neil Young’s projects beyond the guide.

“Live At The Cellar Door” highlights six of the 13 tracks as solo piano pieces: “After The Gold Rush”, “Expecting To Fly”, “Birds”, “See The Sky About To Rain”, “Cinnamon Girl” and “Flying On The Ground Is Wrong”.


I agree strongly with John Mulvey that Neil Young will devote a prominent amount of set time to solo piano performances at the Carnegie Hall concerts in January. When we saw Neil Young in Bridgeport last year he played piano on a couple of numbers. It was compelling to witness and hear his music live that way.

I mean don’t get me wrong he rocked with Crazy Horse but I was moved by his solo piano songs. In the music of our heart I was urging him to play more songs on piano that evening.

John Mulvey and team I am enthusiastic for the Neil Young: The Ultimate Music Guide. Kudos in advance!

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