We lost Lou Reed today

It saddens me to learn that Lou Reed passed away. He has joined the great beyond. I remember being privately alarmed by his facial coloring at a recent interview with John Varvatos in the Bowery for the Genesis Publications book with photographer Mick RockTransformer.

Now all I can do is play his music trying to buoy the music of our heart from sinking further in sadness.

God Bless your tenacious spirit Lou Reed, thanks to you my life has been forever changed by rock and roll.

Shot By Mick Rock


58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

8 Replies to “We lost Lou Reed today”

  1. After a liver transplant, his clock was ticking. A rare example of a giant of modern music, and a very funny man who lived for his art. Brian Eno claims Velvet Underground’s first album only sold 100 copies in England, but everyone who bought it went on to start bands, including him. Impossible to imagine pop music without his presence.

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