Building an Ethical, Sustainable Economy for Artists & Creative Industries

David Byrne speaking at the 2006 Future of Mus...

Jaron Lanier

If you are concerned with how the InterWeb is flattening artists and creative industries I urge you to get involved. I plan to write more about this very important issue in an upcoming blog post.

My friend, Will Buckley will be pleased that I finally “see the light” ;). Will, Jaron Lanier raised my consciousness substantially this past Wednesday night at a lecture he led at Sacred Heart University. (more on how this will integrate with this blog post topic in that future blog post I am cultivating)

1) Read David Byrne‘s extensive essay in The Guardian‘The internet will suck all creative content out of the world’

2) Read and follow this Website, The TriChordist,  Artists For An Ethical and Sustainable Internet#StopArtistExploitation

3) Sign This Important Petition –

Who We Are

A dedicated group of artists, creators, and stakeholders are forming a new and unprecedented coalition. This coalition will allow the people who create the content that powers the web — recording artists, songwriters, journalists, filmmakers, producers, photographers, visual artists, and performers — to join together and exercise their collective voice in shaping the future of their industries.

If you are a professional artist, manager, or creator of what is often described as ‘content’, please join us. Sign up on our email list and we will contact you soon with details on how you can get involved.

Why We Are Organizing

Creators of all content have the right to a collective voice. We are joining together to represent the interests of participating creators in order to reshape our industries into fair and sustainable environments.

How We Function

We are presently developing the legal, organizational, and technical infrastructure to create a unique organization for creators: one that harnesses the advantages of a representational and participatory structure and provides a platform for members to suggest actions, provide feedback, and vote directly in coalition campaigns.

CCC Mission Statement

We believe that individual artists cannot be expected to negotiate with corporations the economic size of nation-states. As professional creators of cultural content we join together to aggregate our power and to represent our interests in discussions and decisions that not only impact our ability to thrive from our work but, also enrich society with the benefits of a flourishing creative economy.

One Reply to “Building an Ethical, Sustainable Economy for Artists & Creative Industries”

  1. As I shared earlier on FaceBook it is encouraging to see the tide beginning to shift in favor of the artist. These are extremely difficult times for nearly everyone in the creative space to make a living wage from their work and the problem isn’t just with piracy.

    The tech industry, including many of the streaming services, are eradicated the sales of recorded music, which includes paid downloads, and replacing that revenue with meager compensation that will make it impossible for all but the most successful be able to commit full time to developing their craft. Leaving us with oceans of mediocre music.

    Something I don’t think any of us want, unless we are the owners, investment firms or stockholders of the companies that profit from the distribution of creative content.

    The irony of the situation? Without content that users want or are interested in, the Internet has no value.


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