Robin Trower – Bridge of Sighs

Robin Trower’s career has spanned more than four decades. He is one of the finest guitarists in Rock n’ Roll history.

I first picked up on his brilliance by listening to Procol Harum‘s Broken Barricades (1971), his farewell album with that band. I played it often as I loved the textures and the power chords exhibited on those tracks. It was a decidedly different direction from Procol Harum’s previous repertoire.

I next interacted with Trower’s guitar sonics finding and traveling the Bridge of Sighs he built in 1974.

After Procol Harum, Robin Trower shifted into “power trio” mode with what were categorized as “solo” efforts. Terming Bridge of Sighs a solo effort was incorrect because this was a full-fledged three-piece band with James Dewar (bass and vocals) and Reg Isidore (drums).


58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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