Furthering the Legacy of Gil Scott-Heron

“Our greatest enemy is our own political ignorance” – M1

Gil Scott-Heron was an effective communicator who spoke to the restless soul in the music of our hearts. I love that visionary producer Kentyah Fraser has collaborated with original Midnight Band keyboardist, composer Brian Jackson (plus others) to build on that foundation and further the legacy of Gil Scott-Heron, forefather of socially-conscious rap.

A vital recording that captures our American struggle succinctly is  Evolutionary Minded (Furthering the Legacy of Gil Scott-Heron) Kentyah, M1 & Brian Jackson & The New Midnight Band. These core musicians joined on various tracks by Dead Prez, Chuck D, Gregory Porter, Martin Luther, Killah Priest, plus poets Abiodun Oyewole (The Last Poets) and Bobby Seale (The Black Panthers and Chicago 8).

The more I listen to the tracks on this recording, the better reacquainted I become with the cause of objection and protest. My favorite track thus far is “Occupy Planet Earth” which features that raw, commanding energy of Chuck D with M1.

This video explains the structure, method and purpose of why Evolutionary Minded (Furthering the Legacy of Gil Scott-Heron)  was released. It commands my total respect as a person of conscience as it should yours and those you love.

The élite GOP party that has shut down our government should heed this message well. For we are no longer complacent about such hostage taking measures. Fight back we will and must.

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