Help raise funds for one last album from the God of Hellfire himself, Arthur Brown

When this Pledge request, which I intend to honor, passed by in my Facebook stream from Alice Cooper 😉 my first reaction was what has gone on in the Crazy World of Arthur Brown all these years?

I dug around on the Web and I found this guest appearance of Arthur Brown performing with Alice Cooper and his band on Halloween in London. (I love seeing Alice Cooper live on Halloween.) I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Alice Cooper appears on the next Arthur Brown album. Arthur Brown’s influence on Alice Cooper is logical.

The quote below from Arthur Brown comes directly from his Pledge page:

I need your help to raise the money to make this exciting project happen. I have been known as someone who always brings new things to the musical scene. And this is no exception.

The presentation will include new technology, and things not seen before. When I replaced the drummer with a drum machine in my band Kingdom Come in 1973 It was a new idea. So new that people laughed at it. Yet 5 years later it became what many bands did. It led in fact to the beat boxes and drum machines which defined much of rock music from then on.

What I am about to introduce is as revolutionary as that and will be revealed with the release of this new album. So help us get this thing rolling. We need you to pledge the money to bring this show and album to the masses.

I hope his tour plans include some concerts in the USA and that we can attend them. I am eager to discover what revolutionary presentation technologies Arthur Brown has in store for us.

It was a gas getting back in league with Arthur Brown’s art again. I have always dug his song, “Fire” and the album cover art of the Atlantic album it stems from, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (album)
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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