Allen Lanier of Blue Oyster Cult Fame, Joins The Great Beyond

Rest in Peace, Allen.

Allen Lanier, center, with Blue Oyster Cult.
Michael Putland/Getty Images

After being introduced to Patti Smith by Cult manager Sandy Pearlman, he and Smith became musical collaborators and then lovers. Lanier co-wrote and played guitar on Smith’s “Elegie,” from Horses, and also contributed material and keyboard parts to Radio Ethiopia and Easter. The horse pin seen on Smith’s jacket on the cover of Horses was a gift from Lanier.

In her memoir Just Kids, Smith described Lanier as a “soft-spoken and encouraging” man whose constant touring with the Cult — with all its attendant temptations — eventually broke them up. As Smith wrote, “Ultimately it destroyed our relationship, but not the respect I had for him, nor the gratitude I felt for the good he had done.” Roeser agrees with Smith’s assessment of the roots of their breakup: “I think that’s true. He took it hard on a lot of levels, personally and with his pride.”

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Blue Oyster Cult with Patti Smith and Allen Lanier – Career of Evil (Rehearsal For BOC’s 40th Anniversary)

When we were in the planning stages for last year’s 40th Anniversary celebration show one of the “surprises” was going to be Allen joining the band on stage with guest vocalist Patti Smith performing one of the many BӦC songs for which Patti had written the lyric.

Sadly, the show was postponed by Hurricane Sandy, and Patti was out of the country on the rescheduled date.

I captured a rehearsal take on my cell phone, and Patti has been gracious enough to let us share it with everyone.

So here’s Eric, Buck, Richie, Jules, and Kasim joined by Allen and Patti for “Career of Evil”.



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