Ethno Ambient Music from Deep Forest

Ten years ago I attended a Santana concert in the mountains of Scranton, Pennsylvania. It was the 2003 Shaman Tour and the opening act was Angelique Kidjo who was on fire that night!

As the stage was reset for Santana they played this totally immersive world music. I was entranced by what I heard and I searched high and low to find out who that artist was after the concert. I had to have that recording 😉

I discovered the artist was Deep Forest. I found the CD on amazon and I play it to death, happily so.

Here’s the title track and cover from Deep Forest’s 1992 debut album.

This is a “rare and wonderful mix of ambient modern music and the songs of the pygmies of the Central African rainforest.” I hope you’ll find it as infectious as I do. The interaction between an indigenous culture and electronic ambience is striking. I love to just let the whole album just loop and take me to that trance place 🙂


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