Bob Dylan’s Version of Pretty Saro

I recently wrote about Bob Dylan’s upcoming album, The Bootleg Series Vol. 10 – Another Self Portrait (1969–1971).  The first video from that album is out and about, “Pretty Saro”. It is an unreleased song from the 1970 album Self-Portrait.

“Pretty Saro” is an English folk ballad originating in the early 1700s.[1] The song died out in England by the mid-eighteenth century but was rediscovered in North America in the early twentieth century where it had been preserved in the Appalachian Mountains through oral traditions.[2] The work of Cecil Sharp is credited for keeping songs such as Pretty Saro and others, alive well into modern times.  (Source wikipedia)

The filmmaker Jennifer Lebeau created this video which she illustrated by methodically choosing photos from the Farm Security Administration archive at the Library of Congress. Lebeau sorted through 1,200 or so photographs from the 40’s-60’s to select a minority of images for the final published version of the “Pretty Saro” video.



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  1. Today in music history, Dylan and Baez together for the first time on stage in 1964 at Newport Folk Festival singing “With God On Our Side.” I did a posting on legendary rock journalist, Al Aronowitz, this morning. Pleases stop by and visit! Thanks!!!

    1. I like that you featured Al Aronowitz. I haven’t thought about him for awhile. I will have to read his 12 part beat series.

      We attended the Central Park concert in 1971. It cost us $2 each to see, The Beach Boys, Ike & Tina Turner, Carly Simon and the Boz Scaggs Band.

      I recall Carly Simon’s set well. I had no idea until I saw the video that Art Garfunkel & George Harrison were backstage. That’s the closer I ever came to my favorite Beatle 🙂

      Thanks for urging me to read your blog post, Ilene.


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