Thomas Dolby – The Invisible Lighthouse

Rosemary and I attended the début of Thomas Dolby‘s film The Invisible Lighthouse this past January 12, 2013 at Joe’s Pub in New York City. It was an illuminating, edutainment experience.  Thomas Dolby shared with us that his documentary, multimedia project, The Invisible Lighthouse was a “work in progress”. He discouraged bloggers and social media types in attendance not to give away the plot as the experience was not ready for “prime time” yet. I honored that request by not blogging about the evening then on the Music of Our Heart.

I received notification that The Invisible Lighthouse, his first film, is complete with new songs and integrated multimedia experience. He is launching a two-phase tour, 15 UK cities in Sept/Oct and 20+ US dates, soon to be announced. I’m hoping one of those US dates may in fact be Ridgefield, Ct. because he has played there before  (great show by the way) and he has relatives living there.

On a mysterious ex-military island off the coast of East Anglia, Thomas Dolby undertakes a clandestine raid on an old lighthouse that is soon to be abandoned. Confronted by his childhood memories, he encounters a disturbing presence.



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