Thankful To Jack White, Sound Saviour

Jack White @ Firefly Music Festival

The ethnomusicologist in me is thankful for the contributions from Jack White. I dub him Saviour of Music and Sound. He works quietly yet powerfully behind the scenes as champion of analog sound, concert venues (Detroit’s Masonic Temple, renamed the Jack White Temple)and now sound preservation.

Today I learned Jack White, ardent enthusiast of old recording methods, is sharing his resources to save actual old recordings. He contributed $200, 000 to the The National Recording Preservation Foundation. White is on the board of directors for the charity.

“He doesn’t take advantage of the speed and utility of digital methodology, and loves the warmth and immersive character of analog.”

Press Release

The gift means the foundation, based in Washington, D.C., can begin awarding grants and processing delicate old recordings, many of which are in perilous condition.

If you want to help preserve sound for future generations why not make a donation as I did today to the National Recording Preservation Foundation. They are the independent, nonprofit charitable corporation established by the U.S. Congress for the purpose of supporting archives, libraries, cultural institutions and others committed to preserving America’s radio, music and recorded sound heritage.

The foundation is the third element of the National Recording Preservation Act. The first two established a registry of important recordings, and created a board to decide which ones to prioritize saving.

In the music of our heart it’s all about preserving invaluable works of art heritage for the generations ahead to stimulate their knowledge and creativity.


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