Computer World – Kraftwerk

My days and nights are filled with music and technology. I am a music journalist who is also an information technology instructor.

I have received electronic music vibrations since I awoke today. It’s the digital bits communicating to me in their binary structure. This has led me to explore the cerebral further the musique electronique sounds of Kraftwerk.

I have listened to Kraftwerk’s catalog of recordings since breakfast and have connected with the album, Computer World (1981). It is proving the perfect blend of  sonics for this digital music technologist. The album was released in 1981 the year I commenced my computer career as a programmer analyst in software development. Gotta love how that works together 😉

I have included several blog posts in the Related articles section (Thanks Zemanta) from WordPress bloggers who have captured the essence of Kraftwerk in their writings.

I’d love to see the Kraftwerk 3D concert live someday, perhaps in Germany 🙂


2 Replies to “Computer World – Kraftwerk”

    1. You’re welcome I like what you wrote.

      I read about their New York appearance last year after the fact in the NY Times. I don’t see them scheduled for 2013 in North America. I am setting notifications with Pollstar, SeatGeek, and other concert notification systems I use to alert me to their tour schedule.

      I got a kick out of the pictures of the audience with 3D glasses. Kraftwerk has always been ahead of the curve with technology and electronic music. They constantly reinvent themselves which I love to see. Innovation and creativity with high tech.

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