Vinyl Resurgence

Readers of this blog know of my passion for vinyl recordings. I am an avid supporter of Record Store Day as a music blogger and vinyl collector.

Vinyl sales are on the increase. Just about every artist I follow with a new recording planned has a vinyl edition included as part of their product distribution strategy. In many instances the vinyl releases are either 180 gram or 220 gram audiophile grade.


Vinyl sales in the U.S. are up 33% through June 9th, according to Nielsen SoundScan, a fantastic surge in juxtaposition to the 15% gain through the same week in 2012 and the 18% gain in all of 2012.

Record Store Day 2013 was  the most successful vinyl sales day yet. A total of 244,000 vinyl LPs were sold in the week ending April 21, according to Nielsen SoundScan, the largest one-week sum for vinyl albums since SoundScan started tracking sales in 1991.

When Third Man Records Production Head Ben Blackwell was asked about the release date for Jay-Z‘s Magna Carta: Holy Grail specialty edition vinyl he stated, “Vinyl plants are all completely at capacity and we are working in the same world as everyone else – so we’re just scraping by to get it out as soon as possible.”

Just a few years back the death of vinyl was being strongly foretold. The sales turnaround serves as vindication for those of us who never stopped believing in the purism of analog sound.


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