David Lynch – The Big Dream

Creative genius at work is what the sign on the cover of The Big Dream by David Lynch brings to mind. I am enjoying the fruits of David Lynch’s latest musical effort. The album releases in the US tomorrow, July 16th. The Big Dream is a throwback to the 50’s sound.

The album cover image has a different meaning to David Lynch:

“That man is experiencing big love. And that’s what the big dream is all about,” Lynch told the magazine last month. “When that man was walking down the street, and he saw you, you can picture that electric lightning bolt going through him. Big love.”

Here is a documentary video about David Lynch making the The Big Dream. Ain’t it cool 😉

Bonus Track

“I’m Waiting Here” by David Lynch and Lykke Li.

3 Replies to “David Lynch – The Big Dream”

    1. I enjoy how you are putting your music blog together. The influence of Scandinavian culture and music I find striking.

      Thanks for saying hello you will add more content I am sure of that!

      Rock On,


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