Donna The Buffalo Tonight at Infinity Music Hall

One of the rewards of a devout music fan and journalist is meeting the artists who perform the music. I was recently asked to write about the band Donna The Buffalo and their new album, today, tomorrow and yesterday. Tonight will be my initiation to join and dance with The Herd (a self-organized “tribe” of people who meet at the group’s concerts and festivals) at Infinity Music Hall.


The article I am writing will feature an interview with the band and a concert review.

Right now I’m sitting here in the beautiful Infinity Bistro, having soup and a salad before the show. The food is always delicious here. If you ever attend a concert at Infinity Hall be certain to include time for one of their great meals 🙂

I’m eager for the concert to begin. My plan is to publish the concert review and interview with Tara Nevins and Jeb Puryear sometime this week.

Sipping my tea and thinking of how the music will set us free 😉

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