Frank Zappa – A Token of His Extreme (DVD)

Imagine turning on public television and discovering Frank Zappa on your dial. Well on August 27, 1974 that actually happened on KCET in Hollywood. KCET is the nation’s largest independent public television station.

Thank God for public television and the risks it takes delivering the arts to viewers. This television program was created and edited by Frank Zappa.

We witness the premier of claymation art by Bruce Bickford, an involvement Bickford would further with Zappa on the 1979 Baby Snakes project.

There is also a nice bonus feature of Zappa appearing on a 1976 Mike Douglas Show. Frank Zappa plugs in his guitar to play “Black Napkins” with the show’s house band. I am grateful for talk show host Mike Douglas support for rock  music in the 70s.

A must add to the Frank Zappa collection 😉

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