Uncle Charlie Wilson – BET Lifetime Achievement Award

I have loved the adulation shown to Uncle Charlie Wilson at last night’s BET Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Uncle Charlie Wilson received the Lifetime Achievement Award and rocked the house.

He was joined by Pharrell, Snoop Dog/Lion, and Justin Timberlake in a rousing medley that you must see to believe. It is one of the most exciting and riveting performances I have seen in some time. TheĀ audience is so into it. You’ll love and respect Uncle Charlie even more when you see this segment.


As Snoop said during the performance, “Knock Em Out The Box, Unc!”. Which he did to the happiness of everyone in attendance and watching the awards broadcast.

2 Replies to “Uncle Charlie Wilson – BET Lifetime Achievement Award”

  1. This year BET awards was one of the best, it went smoothly, unlike the past few years were it was a just a train wreck. I LOVED IT! Janelle Monea was one of my favorite performances although she did not have that much energy, and he twerking on stage got awkward(at least for me it did). The tribute to uncle Charlie was one of the best tributes, he had energy and loved being on stage.


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