Wayne Shorter – Zero Gravity

I love the spiritual muse contained in the music that Wayne Shorter composes and performs. His visionary role in jazz offers us a unique portal into an ever-expanding collective consciousness.

I made a pledge towards the 2014 documentary film, Wayne Shorter, Zero Gravity. It is a music  journey I have longed to see unfold from the source and his closest musical friends such as Carlos Santana and Herbie Hancock.

I then discovered that the Wayne Shorter documentary is now 100%  funded. I am proud to play a minor role in helping this enriching film extend our musical heritage.

Here is the first trailer clip which undoubtedly will ebb and flow by the time the film is released in 2014.

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

2 Replies to “Wayne Shorter – Zero Gravity”

  1. Forgot to comment when you first posted this but here goes… Literally outstanding! It was my birthday when I heard this the first time and was the most amazing sound to wake up to 🙂

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