Paul McCartney and Wings – Rockshow

Paul McCartney and Wings were fortunately captured live in concert during their historic 1976 Wings Over The World tour. The film is called Rockshow. Wings occupies a fond and warm spot in the music of our heart. I wasn’t as active a concert goer in 1976 as I am today. We failed to see Wings live in concert during its heyday. Thankfully we have this Wings show preserved on 35mm film now restored to DVD and Blue Ray.  The film features 30 songs from four concerts of the tour: New York, May 25 (four songs); Seattle, Washington, June 10 (five songs); Los Angeles, California, June 22 (15 songs); and Los Angeles, California, June 23 (six songs),[3]

We have seen Paul McCartney live four times in the past 10+ years. I constantly find the most exciting selections of his concerts to be the Wings songs. Paul really gets behind those songs and it feels like you are at a Wings concert.

There are several video clips on the Paul McCartney YouTube Channel from Rockshow. I chose “Let Em In” because when Rosemary and I were first married our four-year old nephew used to come over our apartment and ask us to play records for him. He was totally taken with the Wings Over America triple album and this particular song. He would say, “I want to hear the song with the man walking on the horseshoes”. He was referring to the metallic sound that leads off the choice 😉

We just have to get this DVD!

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