Donna The Buffalo – Tonight, Tomorrow and Yesterday

I love to witness musicians that dedicate themselves to their craft and their fans. Donna The Buffalo is a band that has performed music for close to 25 years. They will soon release their 10th studio album, Tonight, Tomorrow and Yesterday on June 18th via Sugar Hill Records.

Donna The Buffalo is founding members and songwriter-vocalists Jeb Puryear (vocals, guitar) and Tara Nevins (vocals, guitar, fiddle, accordion, scrubboard) in turn joined by band members David McCracken (Hammond organ, clavinet), Kyle Spark (bass) and Mark Raudabaugh (drums)

“We tried to do the record and keep in tact the things people love about us,” says Puryear. “We’re really excited to start sharing Tonight, Tomorrow and Yesterday,” adds Nevins, “because making this record was a very personal process that was also a lot of fun.

Their first video for the new album and The Herd is called, “I Love My Tribe“.

Donna The Buffalo is scheduled to appear at Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk, Ct on Sunday July 14, 2013. Its a lovely, intimate venue featuring great acoustics and quality line of sight viewing. I urge you to come out to see the band if you are in that neck of the woods that weekend. 🙂

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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