Boom Box Set and more from The Clash on September 9th

We never let go of that teenage angst, it lives deep inside the male psyche 😉  The Clash embody raw tension with the best of them. The Clash has been hard at work remastering their recordings and packaging up two forthcoming compilations for their fans.

First there will be a box set designed by Paul Simonon to replicate an 80’s boom box. I made a steady habit out of carrying my large Sony AM/FM radio all over the place 1969-1971. It was a predecessor to the boom box craze that hit in the 80’s.

Here is a picture of what comes with The Clash Sound System when you preorder it directly from The Clash Store (Live Nation). You will save $40 versus buying from amazon. Secondly, you are entitled to some exclusive extras. If you are an autograph collector like me you will receive extra with your $169 order (plus shipping/tax)…

  • 3 Exclusive Screen Savers for immediate digital download.
  • Exclusive Canvas Patch: Re-creation of an early Clash SEW ON CANVAS SCREENPRINT approx 18cm x 12 cm – 7 x 5 inches. Printed with Joe’s signature. Paul, Mick and Topper will autograph each piece of canvas. (CLSBN001)

As part of the 12 vinyl CDs you will get,

The Clash Hits Back which features 33 of the band’s iconic tracks, across a 2-CD set. The tracklisting is sequenced from the band’s legendary Brixton Fairdeal show in 1982 and contains the best studio recordings of the full set, plus 8 additional iconic tracks. It comes with the original setlist, handwritten by Joe Strummer which he would tape to the back of his Telecaster before each gig.

“Every show was different. Joe would spend a lot of time composing the running order, considering dynamics, emotional impact and the key the songs were in. This record is based on Joe’s setlist from The Casbah Club UK Tour, Brixton Fairdeal, 10th July 1982”. -Mick, Paul & Topper.

No time like the present to start saving those pennies 😉

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