Rock and Roll (And Evie) Never Forgets

I just have to share this wonderful human interest story with my readers. It is sure to bring a tear to your eye. It did mine 🙂 Maybe you read or heard about this beautiful miracle of life, rock and roll and being a devout fan. We happen to be major Bob Seger fans ourselves and believe in miracles too.

Bob Seger wrote the song, “Rock and Roll Never Forgets”. I found out today that Evie Branan never forgot Bob Seger and he never will forget Evie Branan.

Evie Branan was is a coma for five years. Her first words when she woke up from that coma were, “I want to  go to a Bob Seger concert.” Talk about your dream come true.

Well I am happy to share that Evie Branan got to go to that concert. They picked her up in a limousine and drove her there in style. She sat in the special fan luxury box with friends and helpers. She had a beer, got up and danced to some good old rock and roll.

Then she was taken backstage to meet Bob Seger, Alto Reed and Bob’s family (among others) how cool is that!!!!

Evie Branan attends Bob Seger concert

God Bless her, Evie’s assistants and the Bob Seger Bullet Band Organization for taking great care of their new #1 Fan, Evie Branan.

Follow these links for more great pictures and video of a very special evening for Evie, Bob Seger and fans everywhere!

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Evie Branan, 79, smiles as Bob Seger wraps his arm around her for a photograph Thursday, April 11, 2013 backstage before his concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Evie Branan meets Bob Seger


58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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