Reverend Gary Davis, Ragtime Guitar

Dave Van Ronk was quite the musicologist. His book, The Mayor of MacDougal Streetinforms and educates us in-depth about the late 50’s and early 6o’s blues and folk music of the Village. He takes great delight in sharing the time he spent influenced by the Reverend Gary Davis.

Rev. Gary Davis was renowned for his ragtime guitar method.  He offered guitar lessons at his New York apartment. Dave Van Ronk was one of his students who carried on the ragtime guitar tradition.

Roy Book Binder was another student of Rev. Gary Davis. Listen to his stories about the impact that Rev. Gary Davis has had on his blues career.

Rev. Gary Davis had a major influence on Hot Tuna and Jorma Kaukonen.  Jorma and Jack have played Rev. Gary Davis’s body of work for decades. He does his blues style incredible justice.

Here is my favorite Rev. Gary Davis song  by his student Jorma Kaukonen, “I Am The Light of This World” from Quah

I hope you will seek to learn more about the life and music of Rev. Gary Davis. I suggest visiting a great fan site dedicated to the blues legend,

This YouTube video was filmed for his Folk Alliance International Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003.

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