Marvel Comics – Project Gamma – Intelligent Audio

I am writing a music book about live music. My goal is to publish the book digitally with Apple’s iBook. I envision the reader immersed in an interactive multimedia reading experience. The idea of adaptive or intelligent audio that Marvel Comics Labs announced approximates what I envision for an interactive digital book. I am on the hunt for iBook authoring and Adobe digital publishing tools to carry out just the right interactive reading/listening sensory form factor.

Project Gamma from Marvel Comics is closer to the vision I have in mind for my book. Each comic will be infused with a soundtrack meant to absorb readers in the story.

A new 13-chapter story about Wolverine will be featured in Marvel’s Infinite mobile comics, with new chapters weekly.

The SXSW Interactive Festival 2013 in Austin, Texas is the announcement stage for intelligent audio from Marvel. Project Gamma was created in partnership with two agencies 1) music company CORD Worldwide and 2) Momentum Worldwide.


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