Music Journalism A-Z – Summary

I hope you found the February 2013 Music Journalism A-Z series of value. I enjoyed coordinating the research and providing the information about varied music journalists this month.

My impetus for putting together this series was to set the stage for the EMP Pop Conference 2013 multi-city event April 18-21, 2013. It will be anchored at EMP Museum in Seattle with satellite location events at NYU in New York; USC in Los Angeles; Tulane University in New Orléans; and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland. It’s quite the extravaganza for digital music wonks 😉

I am participating as a member of the professional music blogging community and a music journalist. I will be attending the NYU event, April 18-19 2013. I attended the Pop Conference 2012, Sounds of the City last year at NYU which continues to energize my pursuit of written music knowledge.

I am working with  Tavia Nyong’o and the NY City Program Committee. I will share information about the event via this blog soon so please stay tuned as registration opens on March 15th!


Date: April 18-19, 2013
Details: After the Deluge is New York’s theme. The New York City installment of the 2013 EMP Pop Conference will be held at New York University April 18–19, 2013, sponsored by the Department of Performance Studies and the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. The two-day event will feature a set of discussions and events curated by a distinguished program committee of scholars and journalists. Our postdiluvian title is meant to be open-ended. It will invite reflection on music and the city and region before, during, and after Superstorm Sandy. It will draw focus to the much smaller scale of this year’s event, after the IASPM/EMP extravaganza of 2012. And lastly, it will invite consideration of how we handle—as critics and consumers—the excesses and scarcities of music in our present moment.
Proposals: There is no open call for papers, as NYU is curating this event.

To attend: Registration will open on March 15. Please contact the conference organizer Tavia Nyong’o at if you are interested in learning more. The schedule includes eight panels with additional events and keynote presentations.

Contact: Tavia Nyong’o,
Program Committee Members: Tavia Nyong’o (Conference Chair, New York University), Gustavus Stadler (Editor, Journal of Popular Music), Wayne Marshall (Co-Editor, Reggaeton [Duke UP]), Deborah Kapchan (New York University), Imani Kai Johnson, (University of California), Daphne Brooks (Princeton University), Maura Johnston (former Music Editor, Village Voice), Steve Waksman (Smith College), Daphne Carr (General Editor, Best Music Writing)

I want to highlight program committee member’s  Maura Johnston digital journalism achievements. Maura has taken the bold, necessary step to offer a weekly magazine, Maura. It is available via iTunes subscription. I subscribed today 😉

Maura embodies my core belief as a digital music journalist. If the existing publishing hierarchy gets in the way of your published work, build your own magazine and drive subscription. If you build it they will come.

Johnston, who teaches music writing at the New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and does freelance work (including a regular column at MSN Entertainment), created Maura because “I’ve always wanted to do my own thing. I’ve been proud of the work I’ve done in full-time jobs, but I had a difference of opinions with my hierarchy.”

The publication, Maura features themed issues (“Desire” and “Static” were recent ones), and articles about current events, media and entertainment.

Read this insightful Web article at Digital Journal by Cate Kustanczy, to learn more about Maura Johnston’s significance:

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