Taking It To The Streets

I followed through on the first of my 2013 New Years Resolutions. I am branding MusicOfOurHeart as my second line of business. This is an evolutionary step to form a later stage secondary career as a digital music journalist. Technically I have been a music writer since 1975 (38 years) My primary career continues to be in education as an information technology professor and instructional technologist (29 years).

I will be leveraging my long-term music interests to produce a secondary revenue stream to help offset my costs as a dedicated music fan.  It’s always been an active pursuit of mine to find a creative way for my music  hobby to help pay for itself.

By the way how do you like my new business card? 😉


Several recent accomplishments with the music industry have boosted my confidence to step up.

1. Just like the brand new deli or convenience store on the corner where you live, I can proudly hang the first $100 bill earned with this business. Thanks to WordPress WordAds I received that $100 via PayPal last month! Monetizing a blog without diluting your content is doable. I am convinced I will see a five fold increase in monetization revenue in 2013.

2. I am being requested to write more music blog posts for leading companies. Through my journalism connection with Ti.dal I have become the top professional music blogger with SONY Popmarket Backstage. This is the official Blog for Sony Music‘s Legacy Recording Division. I will soon hit 200 blog posts online with that strategic music business partner.

I have also been asked to write music blog posts for Pepsi. I wrote a music blog post about Justin Timberlake‘s “Suit and Tie” recording that he featured last night on the Grammy Awards with Jay-Z. I have written for the Pepsi SuperBowl Halftime events that featured Beyonce. I was also asked over the weekend to write a blog post for last night’s CBS Grammy Awards event. You can find those blog posts elsewhere on this blog.

The challenge for me is to keep up my existing professional music contacts that I have written proudly with for free for all these years yet find a way to begin to charge reasonable fees for my writing.

3. I have also been requested to write an article about two upcoming related events the launch of Talent Army and The Big Apple Indie Music Series . I am developing greater recognition through LinkedIn for my increased music journalism skills.

4. I have started writing a book about live music performance. The recent series about music journalism is helping  actualize that I can become a recognized digital music journalist in the sea of music bloggers.

5. I still plan to have 1-2 major music magazine articles published in 2013. The year is still young 😉

So that is why I am Taking It To The Streets, no make that Taking It To The Web.

Micheal McDonald echoes my sentiment: You Don’t Know Me, But I’m Your Brother

That’s what I plan to do 😉

Let me know your thoughts below. As always thanks for reading and believing.

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

5 Replies to “Taking It To The Streets”

  1. I think this is a grand idea!!! I know that writing for the love of it or as therapy is a good thing but hey getting paid to do what you love makes it…not work! When I began blogging, I had no idea what direction I would go but everyone was saying start a blog and I bowed to peer pressure. Now, as I read your blog on a daily basis, I am more inspired to keep pushing forward. I currently am an A&E writer for Yahoo! Contributor Network and Examiner, plus I am the exec editor of The Hype Magazine. I WOULD however, like to learn more about monetizing my writing as a freelancer and would be very interested to know more about developing the types of opportunities you have discussed in this post.



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