Music Journalism A-Z – Ben Fong-Torres

Ben Fong-Torres

Former Rolling Stone writer Ben Fong-Torres in 2007 Photo: Chris Stewart, The Chronicle

Today’s music blog post is about one of my favorite music journalists, Ben Fong-Torres. I grew up on rock music devouring each issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. I first found the newspaper staring up at me from under a rock on a newstand  in 1968. Coincidentally that was when Ben Fong-Torres started writing for Rolling Stone.  Rolling Stone lit a fuse in the music of our heart that has been burning brightly ever since.

I read many a cover story by Ben Fong-Torres. I love how he illuminated the artist, their music and the cultural time. I recall vividly the time he spent with Sir Paul McCartney and Wings on their North America tour.

He has written nine books. I own one of them, Grateful Dead Scrapbook. I treasure that book. Ben Fong-Torres close relationship with The Grateful Dead is clear throughout this beloved  title.

I am eager to acquire more of his books. The music journalism series A-Z will double the size of my music book library by the time I am done at the end of this month. But that’s okay as music writing and reading is my favorite pastime.

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