Natalie Maines – Mother

Natalie Maines stopped by The Howard Stern Show today. I was surprised and pleased to learn she is an official Howard Stern Celebrity Superfan 🙂

Natalie Maines@1NatalieMaines

If you don’t like Howard Stern then you shouldn’t follow me.

Natalie performed the song, “Mother” (Pink Floyd) live in the studio with Fred Norris playing guitar. I love the edge she creates for this progressive rock classic from The Wall.

Copyright 2013

Mother will be available as a track on West of Memphis: Voices of Justice which I reported about yesterday.

Mother is also the name of the new rock solo album by Natalie Maines, produced by her friend and fellow musician, Ben HarperMother, the album will release on May 7, 2013, Mothers Day 😉

Here is the YouTube video of Natalie Maine performing “Mother” with Ben Harper and his band from last summer.

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