The Rascals: A Prelude

I an trying to wrap my mind around The Rascals multimedia event, Once Upon A Dream, that Rosemary and I saw last night as we returned to The Capitol Theatre in Portchester, NY. It’s a blog post I want to do justice to so I can’t publish it yet, but trust me I will as soon as I get the proper time to write my thoughts and observations.


In the meantime let me whet your appetite for The Rascals live. There were many highlights last night. The high point for me was seeing Eddie Brigati sing, “How Can I Be Sure”.

Here is a YouTube video of Eddie Brigati at BB King’s Club in NYC. I just love the adoration Kate Taylor shows him as a fan and fellow musician. What’s even cooler is that he invites his wife up and his brother David Brigati to sing background vocals with him. I never realized until I began to research The Rascals how important David Brigati was to The Rascals sessions.

The video gets even better after Eddie sings, “How Can I Be Sure”. Jimmie Vivino who is playing piano asks Gene Cornish to come up and he plays harmonica as they do “Groovin”. What an out a site session!

Steven Van Zandt and his wife Maureen have produced a wonderful, nostalgic musical in Once Upon A Dream. Their love of The Rascals is evident through out the production.

Please enjoy for now Little Steven’s induction of The Rascals into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1997) and their subsequent performance. It will give you a taste of what we lovingly experienced last night 🙂

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