SoundCloud HTML5 Powered Platform


The SoundCloud platform has undergone a major transformation. It is now powered by HTML5 which generates a rewarding play and listening experience.

The revised SoundCloud home page produces an immediate, eye engaging result through the beauty of its responsive design.

I am enchanted with the drop drown interface for users, developers and creators. I don’t create or record music so I won’t be able to leverage those new interface features. I am a music consumer and journalist. My objective is to enhance my audio listening experience.  SoundCloud scores high marks in user experience improvements.

Drop Down Interface

SoundCloud piqued my interest through the successful use of intelligence with their redesign. I am an HTML5 zealot, ask my computer network students who hear me pontificate about the relevance of HTML5. SoundCloud takes major advantage of HTML5 fluidity with an effortless delivery flow for the user.

English: W3C HTML5 Badge in SVG.
English: W3C HTML5 Badge in SVG. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Such features as Search and Explore along with Continuous Play engage more intimately than the original site design which  I found cumbersome and non-interactive as a past listener.

Soundcloud has targeted the curator which is a wise move with all the interest in increasing the intelligence surrounding this task. Registered users like myself who do not upload original music can build indexable profiles by re-posting and set-building tracks garnered from fellow listeners and creators.

SoundCloud has made a step in the right direction as digital music steps up to the sophistication of its global audience.

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