Neil Young’s Psychedelic Pill Streaming For Free Very Soon Now… will be making available Psychedelic Pill to stream for free very soon now. Sign up for it here. You will be added to the official Neil Young e-newsletter. Be the first to receive the latest music, tour dates, contests and more!

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Next be ready to install the Orastream Player from the site, which will need the latest version of Java, for your browser. If you are running Windows this will need a reboot of your machine.

My guess at this juncture and this is purely speculation on my part that Orastream could play a role in Neil Young’s Pono solution. My suspicion is that Orastream might serve as the music cloud for Neil Young’s future high-resolution recordings.  I could be wrong about what the Pono cloud will be but Orastream may have an inside track here. Or it could be merely that Orastream is the solution in place for now for Psychedelic Pill, Neil Young and Reprise. The digital edition with video is available for $10.99 pre-order….


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One Reply to “Neil Young’s Psychedelic Pill Streaming For Free Very Soon Now…”

  1. The tutorial on how to install Java should be ignored as it throws most people off, looking at the previous comments – I had java turned off for both my Mac and windows and the streaming still works for me.

    Follow the 3 steps and make sure to complete the installation of the OraStream plugin

    It also says on the bottom of the page that at least Chrome 16, Firefox 11, IE10 or Safari 6 is required, so make sure you are on one of these browsers

    I also found out that it is also not necessary to reinstall the player once you have at least one successful installation. To refresh the page, you need to press to download the installer, even if it has been downloaded previously. Somehow, the page does not allow to refresh in step 3 unless you press to download in step 1.

    All the best to everybody who is still giving this a try!

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