Tommy – The Who

I was listening to Tommy by The Who on Spotify in the car this morning. I have reacquaintd myself with The Who after posting about Pete Townshend‘s memoirs yesterday.

Tommy  the rock opera has undergone several incarnations starting as double album, evolving into a movie next, then becoming a Broadway play. It then transitioned into an orchestral version and lastly a ballet interpretation.

What a versatile work Tommy has proven to be to allow for  such varied productions over the decades.

Tommy The Album

Tommy Live In Concert

The Tommy live rock opera performance took place at The Fillmore East for a week in New York City.

One of the most memorable live performances of Tommy took place at Woodstock.

Tommy – The Film

Tommy was adapted into a screenplay for a 1975 movie directed by Ken Russell. I recall going to the movies to see Tommy. I visualize Elton John as the pinball wizard readily.

File:Tommy film poster.jpg

Tommy – The Broadway Play

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