Who is Your Favorite Lead Singer of All Time?

I was posed a formative question recently. “Who Is Your Favorite Lead Singer of All Time?”

Since I wasn’t given any criteria to base my decision upon I created a short criteria list.

1) It must be someone I have seen live in person so I can speak to the quality of their voice, along with their vocal range and in-person impact.

2) It has to be someone that I feel an energy about, a charisma, whose music and voice touch my heart and soul

3) It must be a lead singer that I can identify with and relate to

Based upon the criteria and the lead singers I have seen perform live I have to say Paul McCartney is my favorite lead singer of all time. We have seen Paul McCartney four times live in concert. Each time he went above and beyond with his vocal delivery, the songs he has written are universal and timeless. They speak to the heart and soul in a special way. It just so happens Paul McCartney is my wife’s favorite music artist and that galvanizes my sentiment about Paul McCartney even more.

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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