Collecting Zappa, Step 1: Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention – Freak Out

I’ve decided that my next major discography buy will be to own the Frank Zappa discography. The first phase of this initiative is to acquire the 56 recordings being reissued by the Zappa Family Trust and Universal Music Enterprises this year. After some deliberation about format (vinyl versus audio CD vs digital loss less codec) I have made the decision to pursue audio CDs. Portability won out.

I appreciate that Zappa Records and Universal will release 12 reissue albums a month in chronological order between August and the end of the year. This gives some breathing room and the chance to spread the cost. I a liken buying Zappa recordings like sipping fine wine slowly. Enjoying the essence of the music, not rushing the experience.

I gained tremendous insight  from the two years it took me to find and buy the entire Santana discography on CD (40+ recordings at that time). I garnered a respect for four decades of Santana’s musical evolution. I wasn’t a professional music blogger in the years 2002-2004. Now I have an established music blog where I can document and share the Zappa music experience with those who follow my blog (1,200 strong at this juncture….) and with other music fans on the Web. I relish the excitement of discovery collecting, listening and learning more about Frank Zappa. I will have to create a Frank Zappa menu choice to organize the  research and the findings.

My understanding is that Spotify will be offering the Zappa Records recordings beginning in October (I haven’t seen this officially stated by the Zappa Family Trust but I am hopeful this digital option will come to pass.) This way I can listen to certain recordings ahead purchasing them.

When I minored in music at the University of New Haven in 1972 the first term paper I wrote was about Frank Zappa. Much of that paper was based upon the book, No Commercial Potential by David Walley. I view the Zappa collection initiative as another focused educational research effort.

I started the collection (or recollecting more accurately) today with Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention Freak Out. It is designated official release #1 right on the CD label itself. 😉 The music came flowing back to me as I smiled and reflected on the origin of Zappa and The Mothers of Invention working with Tom Wilson on their début double album.

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