Bob Dylan’s Timeless Classic, Blood on the Tracks

The superlative release Tempest is Bob Dylan’s 35th studio recording has reawakened my passion for Dylan’s 50 year library of work. Rolling Stone Magazine recently asked its readers to vote on the best Bob Dylan album of all time. I cast my vote without provocation for Blood on the Tracks. The readers of Rolling Stone Magazine validated my choice by choosing Blood on the Tracks as that best Dylan album of all time.

Playing Blood on the Tracks is like spending time with an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while and it feels like no time has passed. I love the feeling that comes over me when Blood on the Tracks unfolds on the car or home audio system. Bob Dylan’s stream of consciousness inside his series of songs is acute, articulate, piercing and truly memorable. The common thread through all the songs is the pain that comes when love dies.

I am eager to read the Rolling Stone interview with Bob Dylan conducted by Mikal Gilmore. All the quotes I’ve read so far tells me we are in for another insightful session with Mr. Dylan, poet extraordinaire.

2 Replies to “Bob Dylan’s Timeless Classic, Blood on the Tracks”

  1. Great album and it includes three of my favorite Dylan songs ever: Tangled Up In Blue (I can sing most of this one by heart now) Simple Twist of Fate and Idiot Wind (best insults ever).

    However, I think I’m more a fan of the earlier period stuff, such as “Highway 61 Revisited” or “Blonde on Blonde.” My personal favorite of his is either “Freewheeling Bob Dylan” (has an all acoustic album ever been so diverse and engaging?) or “Bringing it All Back Home” (that acoustic half is exquisite).

    In fact, part of me even likes “Desire” a bit more because it’s so loose and sloppy and weird. But “Blood on The Tracks” is a top five album for Dylan for me, for sure and I would never argue it doesn’t deserve the top marks in general. For me, other albums hit slightly harder are more diverse etc.


  2. Dylan’s been on my mind a lot lately too: just did a blog entry about him. It’s a reaction against the stuff he said about his critics recently…it’s a bit humorous and not too serious. Check it out if you want. I hate posting my own blog posts in comment sections and only do so because its relevant to your post.


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