The J. Geils Band – Talk to the Hand

The J. Geils Band is on the comeback trail, sorta. But the J. Geils Band 2012 Tour does not include J. Geils. He must have got lost somewhere down the line.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, John Geils, founder of the J. Geils Band, has filed a lawsuit against the other members of the group over use of the name in an upcoming tour that doesn’t feature the guitarist, Reuters reports. Geils names band members Richard Salwitz, Danny Klein, Peter Wolf and Seth Justman in the lawsuit filed in Boston Superior Court, claiming they “planned and conspired” to exclude Geils from a tour and are unlawfully using the group’s trademarked name. On their 2012 tour, guitarists Duke Levine and Kevin Barry replaced Geils and the new drummer was Tom Arey.

I find it interesting it takes two guitarists to make up the role of J. Geils. I guess you have to talk to the hand to learn more about why the members of the J. Geils Band don’t get along with J. Geils himself.

I’ll be eager to read the reviews of the J. Geils Band concerts coming up if they aren’t court injunctioned…..

My favorite J. Geils story took place in the late 70s. I was the manager of the books and record department at Caldor in Stamford, Ct. One morning this man in a black hat, raincoat and glasses approaches me. He takes a folded piece of paper out of his pocket and says to me. “Do you have “Blow Your  Face Out Baby?” He was oblivious what he was looking for and who the artist was. I knew straight away it was J. Geils Band live, but I had to do everything in my power not to laugh at this conservative business person buying a jamming blues rock record for his son as a gift. I had the recording in stock and I sold it to him. He was pleased. That was just one of those record buying days that stays with you years later.

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