Yeasayer – Intriguing Sci-Fi Aroma

Yeasayer is now a major blip on my music/technology radar screen. What took me so long, right 😉 In case you didn’t know they are an experimental rock band from Brooklyn, NY. Yeasayer just released their third album, Fragrant World  on August 20th. I have delved further into that recording (as well as albums one and two) today.

What captured my specific interest is Yeasayer’s innate sense of music melody set against the textured backdrop of technology setting compelling precedents. I liked what Angela Watercutter reveals further about their recording techniques in the article,” Yeasayer’s New Album Turns Crazy Sounds into Lush Songs“, found in the latest issue of Wired Magazine.

I don’t profess to understand an instrument like Maschine from Groove Productions. The more I research the convergence of music and technology I get closer to what is being used to produce the sounds, “the beats”.

“That became the basis for a lot of the sound; it replaced a lot of old samplers that we had,” band member Chris Keating says. “It also became a real cornerstone for live stuff.”

Here is the new stage setting they are using at their live stuff shows 🙂

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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