This Is My Jam Appeals to the Music Of Our Heart

The Spotify music platform continues to thrive as the ecosystem for launching purposeful social music applications. I was made aware of a simple, but oh so necessary app by The Echo Nest in my Facebook stream today, the app is called This Is My Jam.

I love the focus of the This Is My Jam app (incubated by The Echo Nest) which  is to share your favorite song with others as they share their favorite song with you. You get to choose one song only for your friends to hear. The song expires in seven days if you don’t change it. That’s it. I will try to share a new favorite song every day if I remember to do so 😉

The company’s greatest challenge to date, according to co-founder Matthew Ogle is, “finding a way to make Jam feel like an effortless enhancement of your existing online music life, and not become yet another social network.

I look forward to learning how the forthcoming This Is My Jam API will be structured for my development and customization hacks 😉

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