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I continually emphasize my passionate technology interest in what The Echo Nest is accomplishing as this amazingly deft music cloud back-end. The more I discover and interpret what they are building, the more enthusiastic I get about the future evolution of music.

Just after I wrote about “The Echo Nest Moves Beyond Music Discovery” on July 16, I saw that Rolling Stone Magazine covered the significance that the $17 million funding The Echo Nest acquired is channeling into “Fanalytics,” the feature that will connect matching users who share similar musical tastes and listening patterns. It makes logical sense that Rolling Stone Magazine reported on this story since RS was involved with the launch of Spotify’s Music Application Platform . Rolling Stone Recomends is their Spotify App.

Rolling Stone Reccomends

The co-founders of The Echo Nest, Tristan Jehan (CTO) and Brian Whitman (CTO) were the in-studio guests on Boston Public Radio recently. The interview that Edgar B. Herwick III conducted with them provides valuable insight into their analysis and scientific methods. They are modest about what they are doing. They readily admit that 15 years into their project they are only beginning to develop the analytics, the semaphores for how to harness the music cloud we all interact with in the music of our heart.

I am fascinated to learn as much as I can about with where music and technology are converging. We have entered the age of Web 3.0, the Semantic Web where machine to machine total knowledge builds a highly stylized and formulaic music intelligentsia. The Echo Nest is a première example of Web 3.0 at its finest in a well conceived architectural platform.

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Stay tuned for what The Echo Nest will wrought for technology music devotees, it’s very stimulating stuff 😉

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