Let Mother Earth Speak – Dennis Banks & Kitaro – Domo Records

Kitaro is releasing a new recording in collaboration with Dennis Banks. It is called Let Mother Earth Speak and will be available from Domo Records on September11, 2012. It’s a journey we all should take and a message to which we all should carefully listen.

First, you must understand of our relationship that we have with Mother Earth. This is the planet that we call Mother Earth and we believe that we are the Children of this Earth. We believe that we are all that is, that we are, comes from, our Mother the Earth. All living species, we are related to all the four leggeds, all the winged things, every blade of grass, the smallest insect. We are related to the air, we are related to the water and there are certain ceremonies in connection to all of these. The Moon is looked upon as our Grandmother, and the Sun, is looked upon as our oldest Brother

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Kitaro is an award-winning Japanese musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist who is regarded as the vanguard pioneer of New Age music.[1]

Dennis Banks is a Native American leader, teacher, lecturer, activist and author. He is an Anishinaabe born on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota. Dennis Banks is also known as Nowa Cumig.

Together they form a strong partnership that reflects their spiritual leadership and the deep respect they possess for Mother Earth.

The story of Dennis Banks and his movement for peace is captured in the film, Nowa Cumig: The Drum Will Never Stop.

The film tells the story of his friendship with Buddhist monks, musicians and revolutionaries, their lifelong partnerships in peace and anti-nuclear walks worldwide; it tells the story of the Hopi Prophecy, and the three Longest Walks. It tells the story of those whose lives were changed by the beat of his drum; it tells the story of a people whose drum will never stop.

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