Anna Karney – Love & Respect, Left Angle Records

I have listened attentively to and been reading with great interest about the artistry of Anna Karney. Anna released her new CD titled, Love & Respect this past Tuesday July 10th. Five years in the making Love & Respect delivers to the listener a poetic work of art.


This first music blog post is designed to call your attention to Anna Karney, the Karney Band and their music.

Anna Karney has considerable talents that she focuses in the areas of interactive composition, multimedia, and sound design as President of Karney Music.

You can listen to and buy Karney’s Love & Respect on Bandcamp here.

Stay tuned to the MusicofOurHeart as I build and publish a more in-depth article\CD review later this week about the fruition of Anna Karney’s musical harvest .

58 Lambert Drive, Milford, CT

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