Celebrating the Launch of the Grateful Dead Archive Online

Yesterday marked the grand opening of the Grateful Dead Archive Online. I am one excited Deadhead to be able to share this invaluable living historic site with you. I now have a new pilgrimage to make to the University of California Santa Cruz’s McHenry Library.

The real benefit of this archive is that I don’t have to get in the car tomorrow and head across country to visit the library. I can browse with my Google Chrome Internet browser extensive information about the Grateful Dead across the Web from my home office chair.

I learned about the treasures contained in the historic collection when my wife and I visited The Grateful Dead exhibit at the New York Historic Society on June 18, 2010. The exhibit was just a portion of the extensive Grateful Dead archive on loan from UC Santa Cruz. It was a special day for us as my blog post documents here.

What was even cooler yesterday was that a concert by famed Bay Area band Moonalice was performed in celebration on the lawn of UC Santa Cruz’s McHenry Library.

2012-06-29 @ Grand Opening of Dead Central and Grateful Dead Archive at UC Santa Cruz

So c’mon fellow Deadheads and music lovers everywhere. Explore the archives and make a contribution online to the archive as we intend to do.

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