Former R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck’s solo album….Initial track…..10 Million B.C.

Peter Buck is the first former R.E.M. member to release new music to the public airwaves. He has been working on a solo album for some time now, very few details exist about it. I am cool with that as I like surprises and too much music gets leaked on the Web anyways.

According to Paste Magazine fans got their first taste of Peter Buck’s début on Thursday June 14th with the world-premiere of “10 Million B.C.” after airing on the Thursday episode of Diane’s Kamikaze Fun Machine on WFMU in New Jersey. The episode featured guest DJ Steve Wynn, who was given permission by his Baseball Project band mate Buck to play the song on the air, but had to play it over his phone due to technical issues. You can hear the track, titled “10 Million B.C.,” below, or hear it in the context of the original broadcast on the WFMU website.

Buck is considering putting the record out only on vinyl, with no digital download, love it 😉

Peter Buck made his singing début live on “10 Million B.C.” with Joseph Arthur just a few weeks ago at the City Winery in NYC.

Peter Buck at MOMAR photo by Julie Panebianco in My Photos by

Joseph Arthur, said of the collaboration: “Peter played us his new album. It’s incredibly good. I think it’s gonna blow minds. So we invited him to sing one of his new songs with us. He said okay, and then he said it was his vocal début. It was a great moment. Hopefully he’ll meet us in New Orleans or some of the other dates on our tour.”

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